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All mobile car wash companies and auto detailing firms should consider

All mobile car wash companies and auto detailing firms should consider doing business travel vacuum bags with rental agencies, which rent both cars and trucks. It is fairly easy money and most vehicle rental companies need both the interior and exterior cleaned.

Many car rental agencies and corporation have a Rent-A-Truck division to compete with Ryder, Penske and U-Haul. So there is ample work for a mobile car wash company or an auto-detailing firm with companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We have also found that name dropping once you get a rental truck agency account will help you in sales with the Rent-A-Car Division and it will open doors with the Cars Sales Division and vice versa. Most vehicle rental agencies are willing to pay for add-ons to the services you might offer such as Mat Cleaning for an extra $4.00. This is charged to the customer.

Mat cleaning is easy even if you do not have a carpet extractor. Many times we will hit the mat in brush stroke rows with 1500 PSI at a distance of 2 ? feet with a 25 degree nozzle. Then use the claw attachment to vacuum the water. Coffee and Soda stains disappear. Or you can use a little bit of Folex Carpet Sport Remover, by spraying the stained area and repeating the process. Use the claw to vacuum the water up by pushing hard against the carpet in rows mirroring the spray pattern. Folex is a popular brand and can be found at any Janitorial Supply store or catalog. It comes in a pink spray bottle and it only takes a little chemical to do the trick.


To maximum potential profits and dollars in a mobile washing business

To maximum potential profits and dollars in a mobile washing business it pays to set up in your mind in advance the best and most strategic place to park, before stopping to wash. You will obviously want to park your rig in a location that allows you to do as many cars as possible without moving the vehicle. For instance; let us say that your hose storage bags for water is one hundred plus feet but your vacuum hose is only forty feet, so if you have four cars in close proximity and one is a vacuum, park closest to that car. This way you can wash all four cars without moving the truck or rolling up the hoses, thus maximizing efficiency.


When washing fleets such as Rent-A-Cars companies, it is important to park in the center of the aisles in parking lots. That way you can use a 45 ft vacuum hose to clean a 90 ft row of cars on both sides without moving the truck. 180 feet of cars at an average width of the parking stall at seven feet is twenty-six cars without moving. This is a very efficient use of a parking strategy. This same idea should be used when washing fleets of: Postal Jeeps, Telephone Trucks, Cable Trucks, Taxi Cab Companies, Water Companies, City Fleets.

Remember, the high-pressure hose may only be 150 feet long so if you park in the center that's 300 feet of vehicles per side or 600 feet. Divide that by eight foot stalls and you have 75 vehicles washed without moving. By then you will want to take a break anyway or you will be done since the average fleet is under 35 vehicles. Most of these fleets will be exterior only so you won't be limited to the vacuum hose length. All parking lots are not set up perfectly, so you may have to move the truck a couple of times. What we are pointing out is that you should always have a good vantage point and a definite plan of attack because it saves time which saves you: Labor costs, Scheduling conflicts, Set up and break down minutes.

Please think about this kind of thing when washing fleets.


This article is written by a pro of refinishing hardwood floors

This article is written by a pro of refinishing hardwood floors since I have done too many to count. Maybe 300 would be a good guess. My father was in the business full time (as well as aluminum windows and doors (which I'll write another article about that soon) and while I attended college, and for a short time after, I worked with him as well as on my own refinishing hardwood floors.

In fact, I just did my mother-in-law's last summer and my back still hurts!

Before you even think of starting this DIY project, you need to be fairly good shape. There is a lot of bending, kneeling and scraping...if you do it right.

Ok, you still are here reading so I guess you are serious :o)

Here are the easy? steps to a beautiful, shiny hardwood floor:

Determine what kind of finish you would like first. There are a couple choices, flat, medium gloss and high gloss. It's strictly taste as they both wear the same. I prefer a polyurethane paint but some like varnishes. I found urethane to be a durable finish and won't yellow over time. Look for 'non-yellowing' on the can. They come in either oil or water based, and I prefer water base for the ease of clean up.

Go to your local hardware store that carries floor sanders, edger sander, pain scrapers, sandpaper (medium) and the floor paint.

Prepare your floor by filling in any blemishes, depressions, cracks and nail holes.

Sweep and then vacuum floor. (at this point I would hang a plastic sheet over any door openings if the door has been removed (new construction etc).

Sand main floor being careful to keep sander going in same direction. Start with a coarse sandpaper and switch to finer for second sanding. The first vacuum bags suppliers sanding is to get to bare wood and the second for a finished look.

Sand the edges. The trick here is to use a fairly light touch and rotate the sander in semi-circle reducing sand marks.

Now the fun part. Take your scraper in scrape the corners and under heaters. Don't worry about under heaters too much as it won't be that noticeable.

Whew! The hard part is done. Now the fun part. Sweep and vacuum floor and if you see a swirl or sanding marks scrape the out.

Put the sealer down. Wait at least 2 hours, hand sand the whole floor, vacuum and apply the urethane. If you don't have air conditioning, put a fan on the floor to dry it quicker.

I usually waited at least 4-5 hours for it dry, most of the time overnight. I recommend at least 2 coats of urethane for a durable, hard finish.

You're done! Wow not so bad was it?

Oh yeah,

Email me for a chiropractor lol


Are you seeing for the unsurpassed Upright vacuum cleaner for your family

Upright Vacuums: Are you seeing for the unsurpassed Upright vacuum cleaner for your family, but are not positive who to turn also? Well with the fullest browse in Upright Vacuums, Bagged or Bagless, Bank's Vacuum Super Stores is the largest vacuum dealer in the world. Boasting a solid collecting of vacuums, leading form all type and Marques. At Bank's you can be particular to discover what you are looking for, whether it be a mark innovative vacuum cleaner, a attached part or just some add-on, Bank's Vacuum Super Stores are your one stop shop, to find everything you could possibly involve.
With years of get and technological achievements, Panasonic is one of the domain's most well know Makes, having it's mark with reducing edge technology, and high tone merchandise rescue. Panasonic has invariably been capable to defend steady customer dedication and proceeds to do so. There are a count of Panasonic vacuum cleaners open, at the Bank's Vacuum Super Stores for you to clean from. One of their top of the line Bagless vacuum cleaners is the, Panasonic Aero Blast Upright vacuum cleaner.

The Panasonic Aero Blast is a very severe Bagless model; it has a 12 Amp Dual motor system, willing it the capacity to present clear performance day in and day out. The dual motor technology is highly elevated and helps the Panasonic attain a excellent level of cleansing. The Aero Blast derives with a young crap sensor, which, as the name points has the power to notice stain and decimate it. Talk about leading tech, this vacuum derives with smart Carpet Height adjustment. So loose from one rise level to other will never be a problem, as the auto allowance system charges in, the nozzle plate will lift itself, and you can just digest on the more main tasks ahead.

The Aero Blast Bagless Vacuum, arrives with a good set of accessories and creatures; these are more than sufficiency for you to keep your house in top shape. These accessories include, a severe Air turbine Brush to help sustain clean areas all over the family, a Telescopic denotation ward, to assist you have that extra range when you exact it, a Scattering brush that will forever come in convenient, a Floor Brush which will watch with its Stiff Bristles that there is no soil that is tough decent, and of course the fissure tool to help you get to those unbearable spots with ease.

This Panasonic Bagless vacuum arrives with an Anti Static Dust Cup as well, so you do not have to worry about any Static dirt or material getting cogged up in your Dust Cup. With the special Ergonomic Telescopic Handle, this Bagless vacuum space bags manufacturers makes your job much more comfortable. With its Dual HEPA filters, this vacuum is a hard one to miss out on, the HEAP filtration has a 99.9% filtration efficiency which is in double effect in the Aero Blast.

So if you are looking for a Bagless Vacuum, be sure to get it here at Bank's Vacuum super Stores, the grandest vacuum dealers in the domain.


This article is going to be examining some of the most common

This article is going to be examining some of the most common applications for large format printing jobs. This will be done by dividing such jobs into the two most commonly sought after categories: posters and banners. There are many types of clients that desire such posters and banners.

The two types of clients that most commonly want poster work done are artists and activist groups. Independent film makers are one popular example of the type of artist that is going to want posters made. The big studios advertise their films through the use of giant "one sheets" or posters, and the little guy often does things the same way. Successful one sheets lead to successful premieres.

While a lot of clients that order one sheets might be indie film makers, please consider that indie musicians typically like to have larger posters made. This is because a one sheet is often used to advertise new recordings in much the same way that it could be used to advertise new movies. It is also very common for independent bands to use their one sheets as back drops when performing live.

While artists are going to actively look for print shops to make posters, it is also very common for activist groups to seek these print shops for the same exact reason. These activist groups love to use posters to get their message across and after they develop they text they typically hire teams of artists to assist with the design of the artwork. These posters are almost always mass produced.

While posters are the most sought after type of larger job when turning to a print house, banners would have to be running in at a close second. This is because banners can be easily used for many types of parties or celebration. A perfect example of such a celebration would be a birthday party. People like to see the name of the person celebrating a birthday printed onto such banners along with positive messages.

Another type of celebration that can really benefit from the type of banner that is being discussed here is a wedding celebration. It Acrylic Sign Holder Manufacturer is not uncommon to see fancy banners in the actual chapel, yet they are more commonly seen during the reception which is typically held outside of the chapel in another location. The banner will typically have "Mr. And Mrs." listed before the last name.

Some of the celebrations that require the use of larger banners are special parties that are kind of like "welcome home" occasions. A banner is the perfect way to make a returning military person or a college student fell as special as their family would like them feel upon returning. There are many other types of people that people might be welcoming home as well.

It is not uncommon at all for many of the types of clients that have been discussed within this article to be seeking large format printing work because they need special posters or banners printed up. There are many other types of clients, however this article has just touched on the basics.

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